Location: Fresno, California
Scope: Provide electrical installation for new canal turnout

With the construction of a new canal, water supply contractors sought out Lighthouse’s commercial electricians for help. The gate management system that they created uses remote radio configuration for operations and measurement which required supervision by experienced professionals with knowledgeable electrical expertise to avoid future problems or hazards during the installation process.

The Lighthouse team built the control panel to manage the water flow to ensure the water continues to flow at the desired/needed flow rate to provide essential water to the Fresno County region.  The gate positioning management system was also installed by our team.  This project included underground PVC conduit and above-ground Ocal corrosion-resistant conduit systems to the panel for reliable communication.  Remote radio devices were configured by our knowledgeable staff as well as Modicon PLCs by Schneider Electric back at the main office  These centralized controls allow for full visibility into their main office for centralized manageability.  Additionally, our team led the mapping of sub-systems back to the facility for a single point of management.

On par with our exceptionally high standards, we completed the canal updates on schedule to ensure citrus processing was online immediately after completion. Our licensed commercial electricians are always up-to-date with local codes and established industrial standards and advancements. We are highly trained and highly motivated to get your plant operational in a fast and cost-effective manner. We work closely with engineering design teams to provide the best industrial system integration in the state. We believe in excellence and getting it right the first time.