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Industrial Electrical Systems
for Food & Beverage Production

Lighthouse is leading the way in developing electrical & power control systems to ensure and maintain quality, consistency, safety of our nation’s food. Industrial automation has been a staple of the industry for decades now but more recently it has found its place among some creative solutions that have helped pave the way into new production models where efficiency leads not only to profitability but also reduced environmental impact from energy saving solutions.

Our experience in plants ranging from small-scale installations all the way up to large scale ones makes us an invaluable asset when it comes time for your project’s implementation needs; whether they require UL508A panels or networked MCCs with hundreds (or even thousands) motors – our team can find creative solutions that still fit within budget parameters while meeting unique requirements such as operator interface design concepts.


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Onion Processing Plant

Onion Processing Plant

Location: Firebaugh, California Scope: Designed and built processing automation with 157 motors and controls For the engineers at our sister company, ICAD Automation this was a tough one. The client in Firebaugh, California processes thousands of pounds worth of...