From concept to design, engineering talent and build – Lighthouse Electrical delivers the right solution for any custom need. We were selected for this project because of our extensive experience in large-scale plant-wide automation with manufacturing strength centered on processing plants. Equipment manufacturers are confident recommending us when it comes time for equipment upgrades or repairs as we frequently work alongside them for complex installations like these. Over the years we have earned this trusted status by many clients running successful projects like this one where they can depend on our on-time delivery that is under budget and correct the first time around.

Our sister company, ICAD Automation, led this automation project which included the design, build and professional engineering stamped drawings. We included on-site training during installation to ensure a safe worksite and create a seamless hand-off with on-site management at completion. As typically happens with projects of such scale – we relied heavily upon experienced engineers who knew exactly how each component worked due to specific customized client needs and unique business processes. Projects of this scale often involve multiple change orders and experiences to guide the project in the right direction. Our seasoned engineers designed an intricate system including FactoryTalk and Rockwell Automation PLCs and other suppliers like Eaton ABB, Siemens and Schneider Electric.

Lighthouse Electric led the way when it came to upgrading and servicing the electrical needs on this project–we handled everything from start-to finish! The complexity of this project called for very specific expertise not just for safety reasons but also because mistakes here could cause serious problems during construction or even afterward. Production interruptions, while corrective measures are taken, are not just time, but money lost. We stepped down 12 KV from the electric company to the plant floor to ensure safe and reliable power throughout the plant.

We pride ourselves on our ability to execute correctly and deliver quality engineering and electrical work on projects like this that often require custom solutions, creative engineering and industry experts to deliver. – Joel Ratto, General Manager, ICAD Automation

Our remarkable team is able to handle any electrical or automation project, no matter how intricate. From start-to-finish they ensure timely delivery and 100% accuracy at launch. These are the types of projects our team enjoys that put our expertise to the test and create lasting client relationships.