Location: Visalia, California
Scope: Various process changes to facilities

Our team was sought after by a citrus juicing facility during an extremely tight shutdown period. Because of our experienced commercial electricians, we completed process changes to their facility including adding circuits and installing aluminum rigid conduit (ARC) for power distribution throughout the building as well as stainless steel conduits to the Allen Bradley by Rockwell Automation Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), motor controls and PLCs where necessary.

Lighthouse Electrical helped revamp power distribution throughout this manufacturing facility so that it can be fully operational again following recent renovations. These centralized controls also allow for full visibility into production measurements and manageability – two things which are valuable when trying to diminish downtime or delays caused by outages like last week’s storm damage everywhere from Florida farms all over America up north through New England.

Our team stays up-to-date with local codes and established industrial standards. Our highly trained employees have a strong incentive to get your plant operational in as fast of manner possible, while also being cost-effective for you! We work closely alongside engineering design teams so that we can provide excellent electrical system integration.